Quadmented--The History of Stanford’s Main Quad *Augmented* Available Via Layar App

The University Archives is pleased to announce the release of Quadmented: The History of Stanford's Main Quad -- Augmented, an augmented reality layer available via the free Layar app for mobile devices. Blurb from Layar app website :

Do you want to discover all the stories that are hidden into Stanford's Main Quad? If the answer is yes, you definitely have to try Quadmented. Thanks to historical pictures, links and multimedia content, you'll be able to watch and learn about Stanford's history itself: - from the moment when the first cornerstone of the university was laid in 1887 - until the 2010 visit of the Russian President Medvedev; - from the ROTC marching on the Quad during the First World War - until the protests against the Vietnam War, - without forgetting...Full Moon on the Quad in the 60s...


Featuring historic images from the University Archives, Quadmented was developed by Adriano Farano in the framework of his Knight journalism fellowship at Stanford and by Gene Becker, Ubimedia Studio founder and Layar business developer in the US. The idea behind the project was to assemble representative moments from the Main Quad’s (and Stanford’s) history through pictures, videos, audio files, text and hyperlinks.

Included are images of Memorial Church pre 1906 earthquake:


Memorial Arch post 1906 earthquake:


Cornerstone Laying, 1887:


Hoover Tower, featuring audio of a Herbert Hoover speech during his 1932 presidential race:


President Pitzer addressing Vietnam protesters, 1968:


For more information about the project check out Adriano's blog:

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