JHOVE2 Software Recognized in "Top 10 Digital Preservation Developments of 2011"

The Library of Congress' blog on digital preservation recently called attention to JHOVE2, software developed by Stanford Libraries in collaboration with the California Digital Library and Portico. The digital file analysis tool is named on a list of "10 developments from 2011 that deserve special consideration because of their broad impact on the practical work of stewarding content, or on raising the awareness of how important this work is for our culture."

JHOVE2 is free, open-source software used in digital preservation workflows to analyze and report on characteristics and qualities of files so that they can be more easily and efficiently managed for long-term preservation and ongoing use by researchers. It builds on the success of JHOVE, the first generation of the software used by hundreds of institutions around the world since its release in 2003 by Harvard Libraries. Staff of Digital Library Systems and Services participated in the design and development of the JHOVE2 software released in April 2011, and continue to contribute to ongoing training and community outreach efforts.

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