Stanford Linked Data Project

This is a plan for a multi-national, multi-institutional discovery environment built on Linked Open Data principles. If instantiated at several institutions, will demonstrate to end users the value of the Linked Data approach to recording machine operable facts about the products of teaching, learning, and research. The most noteworthy advantage of the Linked Open Data approach is that it allows the recorded facts, in turn, to become the basis for new discovery environments. This model includes the basic functions of generating, harvesting, and iteratively reconciling URIs as well as consumption of Linked Data.

More Information
For more information about the Linked Data project and to keep abreast of the latest news and updates, see the attached documents below.

LDWTechDraft_ver_1.0_final_111230-2_Part1.pdf2.26 MB
LDWTechDraft_ver_1.0_final_111230-2_Part2.pdf4.32 MB
Stanford_Linked_Data_Workshop_Report_FINAL.pdf1.21 MB
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