Electronic Theses and Dissertations Available in SearchWorks and Socrates

With the end of the Spring 2010 Quarter, Stanford’s Electronic Theses and Dissertation (ETD) project wrapped up its second full quarter in production. Over 200 doctoral and Engineering Master’s students (92%) opted in Spring to submit their culminating works in electronic form using a system developed collaboratively by SULAIR, the Office of the Registrar, and Administrative Systems. According to a survey conducted by the Registrar’s Office, the system, which launched in November 2009, is heavily favored by students over the traditional hard copy process, because it is free and more convenient.

The submissions from Fall 2009 and Winter 2010 Quarters – totaling 144 in number -- have been processed and are now discoverable and accessible in SearchWorks and Socrates. For example, see Furthermore, those works that are not under embargo will soon be available online to the public via Google Books. Stanford has extended its existing partnership with Google to provide world-wide, full-text access to its dissertations and theses. This new approach marks a major departure from the way doctoral dissertations and master’s theses have been collected, preserved, and distributed by Stanford in the past. In June, Hannah Frost delivered a presentation on the Stanford initiative to an international audience at ETD2010 -- an annual conference on all things ETD -- in Austin, Texas.

Two pages have been published on the SULAIR Web site to provide more information to SULAIR staff, as well as to the broader Stanford community, about the new ETD program.

  • The Project Description page outlines the rationale for and benefits of the new submission process, as well as explains some of the underlying policies that govern ETD publication and access.
  • The Process Description page details how the theses and dissertations are processed by SULAIR for use by Stanford students and faculty, and scholars around the world.

Staff who have any questions regarding Stanford ETDs should submit them via email to:

Editorial Staff

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