Got Data? - New Social Science Data Site

Social Science Data and Software (SSDS) has just released a new web site for Stanford researchers to archive and distribute their data for secondary use by others. The new site is especially targeted at faculty, staff, or students who are required by their grant foundation to archive and make their research data available for others to use. However, anyone is welcome to deposit their data, which will be preserved for posterity in the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR).

Piloted on Sociology Professor Michael Rosenfeld's NSF-funded "How Couples Meet and Stay Together" data, we have developed an easy process to get Stanford-produced research data up on our web site as quickly and painlessly as possible. Special thanks to Michael Rosenfeld, Katherine Kott, Mimi Calter, and Hannah Frost for their assistance.

Interested? Know someone who's got data that's just sitting on their hard drive? Contact SSDS for more information at

Ron Nakao, Social Science Data and Software, SSDS

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