Testing Customizing Left Sidebar Via Panels

This is the top section of a flexible layout. The layout has a left sidebar with a width of 241 px.

Left column

This is the left column, however any sort of configuration can be created with the flexible layout. If show blocks is deselected on the panel and a left sidebar width a width of 241 px is provided, you can achieve this same affect.

Middle Content Column - Tab1

This is the area intended for the bulk of the content. Imagine a lot of stuff here.

Middle Column Content - Tab2

Here is some more content. I would like to look at how to get another type of tab styling here

Right Column

This is a right column. With this many columns, the design is very cluttered. We don't necessarily suggest that you create a 3 column design in addition to a left sidebar, but the design is up to you.


This is the footer. You can put a little message at the bottom here if you like. Keep in mind that the copyright statement and the back button will still remain below this footer.

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