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LiMa study area

LiMa study area

The Science Library's study space provides plenty of natural light and contains a variety of furniture for students' study needs, including group (third floor) or quiet study tables (fourth floor) and soft seating on both floors of the library. 

The Science Library has 16 dual-boot Mac/Windows computers. SUNet ID is required for use. 

Green first floor study area

Green Library East First Floor study area

The first floor of Green Library’s East Wing has been transformed into the newly named Hohbach Hall.  Anchored within Hohbach Hall is the Silicon Valley Archives, which now has a physical space for students and scholars to engage with archival material focused on the history of Silicon Valley. Library patrons will be welcomed by plenty of seating, large tables, monitors, and natural light.  The area also includes a combined service desk that includes circulation as well as reference librarians.

A student enjoys one of the comfortable chairs in the Lane Reading Room

Lane Reading Room

The Lane Reading Room houses the Humanities and Area Studies Resource Center. The room offers printed reference collections and specific "mini-collections" devoted to important topical areas, including collections of new fiction and new books in the scholarly fields of the humanities. Reference materials aiding in the use of Special Collections can also be found here. 

Jonsson Social Sciences Reading Room

Jonsson Social Sciences Reading Room

The Jonsson Social Sciences Reading Room facilitates a range of social science learning and research activities. It contains a social science reference collection of over 15,000 volumes, including classic texts, new and notable publications, and current issues of core journals in the social sciences.

Study area at Miller Library

Marine Biology study area

Seating includes three large tables with seating for 12, six lounge seating with ottomans, 12 individual study carrels, and a small table with seating for two.

Periodicals reading area, Earth Sciences Library

Earth Sciences study areas

This study space contains large tables, couches, comfortable chairs, and individual study carrels with power outlets for laptop users.

Other equipment includes three dual boot Mac computers, three book scanners (including one oversized scanner for atlases), and a color printer.

Engineering Library study area

Engineering Library study area

The Engineering Library's study space contains a variety of furniture for students' study needs, including study tables, study booths, individual study carrels, and an outdoor balcony.

Equipment available in the study area includes seven Dual Boot iMacs with SUL-supported software, a Dell Precision 1600 with software, two scanners, a color printer, and a photocopier.

Library & circulation

At the Engineering Library's circulation desk, you can reserve materials, check out e-readers, pay fines, and renew books. Library staff are available to assist you whenever the library is open.


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